Wild Lemon Pure Essential Oil - Benefits and Uses

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Pure essential oil of wild Lemon from Madagascar.

Stop by for a few moments in Madagascar, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the middle of wild lemon trees. Can you smell that fresh and intense scent?

Please note that you can't get enough of it.

Leave à the discovery of our essential oil of wild Lemon with multiple properties. À both purifying and toning, it cleanses the air. It is also fortifying and stimulates the body. What to make an ally when it comes to relieving motion sickness, nausea, tired livers and digestive disorders.

The essential oil possesses a very high concentration of essential oils.

The essential oil also possesses antibacterial and antiseptic properties, very useful in cases of colds, viral or bacterial infections.

All that's left for you to do is succumb to its intense, sweet smell. A real treat! The scent of our essential oil is powerful, start by using small doses and gradually increase as needed.

The scent of our essential oil is powerful, start by using small doses and gradually increase as needed.

The scent of our essential oil is powerful, start by using small doses and gradually increase as needed.

The scent of our essential oil is powerful.


5ml bottle prepared with love in France, in our workshop in the Ardennes.

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The essential oil is used both in diffusion and in skin application:

in diffusion: it perfumes the room and deodorizes the air

by skin: for this, simply mix a few drops of the essential oil in your usual cream. This way you get a cleansing and astringent skin care.



Discover the best uses of lemon essential oil in our "our recipes" section.

Wild Lemon essential oil is for you if:

- You like sweet, soft and intense smells and you want your care, your home to breathe this sweetness


-You are looking for a stimulating and strengthening essential oil to think all your ailments
- You want a désinfecting, cleansing or astringent care for your skin

Suggestion n°1: Anti-acne care;

Add to a container:
- 5 ml of Jojoba oil (a large hazelnut)
- 2 ml of Moringa oil (a small hazelnut)
- 3 drops of Wild Lemon essential oil
Mix until a homogeneous solution is obtained and then apply to the treated area. Massage for several seconds and leave on all day (or overnight).

Suggestion n°2: Mouth Care

Mix a drop of lemon essential oil (no more) with your toothpaste.
You'll see, your breath will be fresher, your gums cleaner, your teeth whiter. Peppermint is also very well known for such a care, lemon essential oil works on the same principle, with a softer and sweeter smell and a directly visible defecting effect!


Suggestion n°3: Care against heavy legs

Mix in a clean, empty bottle 30 ml of calophyllum oil with 25 drops of Wild Lemon essential oil. Your treatment against heavy legs is ready! Apply in the evening or before going to bed, a dab on each leg and massage a few minutes from the bottom of the leg up.


Suggestion n°4: Be creative!

You can use wild lemon essential oil in diffusion on a soaked handkerchief for the general smell; in your laundry, on your sponge when you clean your kitchen, your living room ... You can also try it in the kitchen to spice up your desserts or savory dishes like seafood. The use is wide, from its smell à its effect, the essential oil of wild lemon leaves open your field of possibilities, good mood assured!

Suggestion n°5 : Anti-cellulite & Cellulite care

Mix in a bottle:

- 1 teaspoon of calophylla oil

- 2 teaspoons of moringa oil

- 1 teaspoon of Jojoba oil

- 10 drops of wild lemon oil

- 10 drops of grapefruit he


Homogenize, then store this mixture in the refrigerator. Apply directly to areas prone to cellulite. Try as much as possible to combine this treatment with draining massages and regular physical exercise.


Note: essential oils are concentrated products, we have grouped the advice of use on these oils in a special page

Précautions for use: à store in a dry place à l'abri de la lumière and during the 6 months after its opening. Keep out of the reach of children. To avoid any undesirable allergic reaction, it is advisable to apply two drops of the essential oil in the hollow of the elbow 48 hours before a first use.

We recommend that you apply the oil in the hollow of the elbow.

We advise the use of Lemon essential oil to pregnant and nursing women, people with piles and children under 3 years.


Caution, Lemon essential oil is photosensitizing. We therefore advise you any exposure to the sun in the hours following its use and to apply an appropriate sun protection during the day in the opposite case.

The lemon or Citrus limon (botanical name) is part of the Rutacute family, like the orange or grapefruit. In Madagascar, the lemon trees reach 5 to 10 meters in height and are called voasarimakirana. While the lemons used for consumption are harvested in the summer, those used to produce the essential oil, which is obtained by mechanical pressing of the lemon peel, are harvested during the winter harvest.

The lemons are harvested in the summer, and the lemons are harvested in the winter.


Our Lemon essential oil comes from wild Lemon trees in the Antsirab region of central Madagascar. You probably know the lemon and its abundance in Provence and you are wondering "Why from Madagascar and not from Provence?", let us explain.
Our lemon is wild, it does not come from lemon species from plantations for (too) long. This is how it retains its powerful scent and rich active ingredients. Nourished by the powerful sun of Madagascar, left without any care other than what nature gives them, wild lemon trees have that extra something that makes our wild lemon essential oil so rich.


le lieu.

The Malagasy Highlands provide us with excellent essential oils: a warm climate, without being too heavy, wide stretches of nature untouched by any chemical product; an ideal climate. It is around Antsirabe that these conditions are united: many of our best essential oils come from there.


The wild lemons used to produce our pure essential oil are collected in Madagascar by Jean-Pierre, one of the producers we work with.

(dans notre Miratelier)
the composition.
Utisation des huiles My Mira sur le corps

Wild lemon trees for a powerful essential oil.

The properties of the essential oil are conferred by its many active ingredients:


allows to soothe the sensations of heat and redness. Ideal for fighting skin infections.

It's a great way to fight skin infections.

Limon is found in many citrus fruits, it is one of the compounds that can make an essential oil less well tolerated by the body, and it will appear with a small web in the INCI list to clearly show its presence.

It is also a very good aromatherapy source, studies having shown the action of lemon in preventing bronchial obstruction, but also its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.



Antiviral par excellence, beta-pinène prevents the development and spread of a virus in your body.

Liste INCI


* compounds naturally present in essential oils, always perform a small allergy test in the crook of your elbow before using a cosmetic product.

the team's word

Description du produit par notre équipe, au micro, on vous en parle

Le mot des fondateurs sur notre essence de citron

Post collected on Dorian, a bottle of essential oil in hand. This post contains the "Sicilian" part of our lemon oil, the rest is coming with the Malagasy part :).

For lemon essential oil, I'll do the talking. While my memories are still fresh, let me tell you about an escapade, let me say a beautiful trip to Syracuse, Sicily. At Mira, when it's time to meet a new producer, we are motivated. I can't believe it. But when we knew that Barbara and Nino, two cousins who took over the family business in the South of Sicily, sent us their real address, 5 km from the sea, we had to rush to go there! And to have been there, I can tell you that it's worth the trip.

The atmosphere is great.

The atmosphere is super nice, the local Italians are a bit rough at first, but respond very nicely as soon as you give them a smile. So here we go, I'll take you with me! Appointment is taken with Barbara, in front of the family business. Funny thing : the premises are in the middle of orange and lemon groves. So when I ask to visit : no worries, it is two minutes. We go out with Barbara and Paolo, the chief of the production. Here we are in front of lemon trees, with hardly ripe fruits. "There are four and a half seasons of lemon production" Barbara explains to me, each one has its own particularities and a different name in Italian. We can expect fruits that are more or less acidic, more or less sweet, more or less colored. And ça is felt in the essential oil: it has subtle variations according to the seasons.

I am told about yellow and lime essential oil, I am shown the centrifuges to extract the essential oil from the peel directly. I am made to smell ... Oh la la .. It's super soft, sweet, and a little bit sour at the same time. The whole mini factory smells great, the essential oil is kept in cold storage. I am delighted with my visit, and I am glad I came in person. This is the kind of thing you love about Mira, because honestly, it's impossible to realize everything from a distance, to understand how Barbara and Nino's beautiful business came to be, its journey and its future, the atmosphere that reigns here.



And all ça, ça gives a quality essential oil of lemon, subtle, effective. We recommend it for many many uses, because the he of lemon is very versatile! 

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Vegan products
and not tested on animals

Les produits mymira sont fabriqués en france, mymira.fr

Designed, produced, manufactured in France

Les produits mymira sont conditionnés avec des flacons en verre et en bambou, recyclables, mymira.fr

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Nos clients sont heureux chez mymira, mymira.fr

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We take care of everything!

All your questions about Lemon essential oil

What are the properties and benefits of Lemon essential oil?

Wild lemon essential oil is multi-use. It is firstly an essential oil that stimulates and cleanses the body: very useful in case of colds, infections or simply digestive disorders. It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It is finally a purifying oil (notice to skin and hair à tendency oily).

How to use lemon essential oil (face, hair, skin ...).

For the body and hair, lemon essential oil is used diluted in vegetable oils (jojoba or calophylla for example). It purifies oily hair, fights against blemishes and acne. You can find the best recipes in our "our recipes" section.

Is lemon essential oil effective for digestive disorders (digestion, constipation...).

Lemon essential oil helps to eliminate toxins present in the body, which makes it very useful for digestive disorders. For people suffering from difficult digestion, it is for example advised to add two drops of lemon essential oil in a spoonful of olive or safflower oil or on half a piece of sugar, twice a day just after the meal. It can therefore be used orally as well as aerially (atmospheric diffusion).


How is wild lemon essential oil extracted and obtained?

Our lemon essential oil is made from wild lemons from the Highlands region of Madagascar. After having been collected during the winter period, they are pressed mechanically to obtain the essential oil.

The essential oil is made from wild lemons.

It should be noted that the essential oil of citrus is quite special in the world of essential oils, because it can be made without distillation, by breaking the micro pockets present in the peels of citrus. This will be the same for limes, blood and sweet oranges, or grapefruit at home!

Lemon essence can also be obtained by distillation of the essential oil collected mechanically, we then obtain a lemon without furocoumarins, we work on it at Mira!

Is Lemon essential oil photosensitizing?

Lemon essential oil is photosensitizing, meaning that it increases the skin's sensitivity to sunlight. It is therefore advised not to expose yourself to the sun in the hours following the use of the essential oil. Otherwise, apply an appropriate sunscreen to your skin and reapply every two hours.

The essential oil can be used on a variety of skin types.

Can pure Lemon essential oil be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

We strongly advise against using essential oils while pregnant or breastfeeding. This is one of the classic warnings for essential oils, but for once, wild lemon he does not fall under it.

Ask your doctor if in doubt, as essential oils in atmospheric diffusion are still possible for the most part, but in skin contact or ingestion, impossible during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In general, it is always advisable to consult your practitioner in case of therapeutic purpose. Health professionals according to then able to direct you in the modes of use of such or such oil, without danger for you.

How to make it

Lemon essential oil (many other citrus fruits such as orange, blood orange, grapefruit également) differ from other essential oils by their mode of production. Usually, the plant in question is collected (for example, ylang ylang flowers), placed in a still and heated in water. The water, by evaporating, will be able to entrain the very volatile compounds contained in the plant, then they are recondensed at the exit of the column: the distillate corresponds to the essential oil.


In the case of citrus fruits, the technique is different, since we will directly press the peels to explode the micropockets contained in the zests, which will release the essences of the lemon. The term essential oil is used to simplify the process, but the real term would be lemon essence. The profitability on the other hand brings it closer to an essential oil, since it takes 4-5 thousand lemons to produce 1 kg of lemon oil. Various techniques such as centrifugation allow to obtain a purer essence. The fact of passing by a pressure then a centrifugation leaves on the other hand furocoumarins (compounds naturally present in the zests) in the essential oil, which gives him photosensitizing effects. Citrus essences must then be redistilled to eliminate them and obtain non-photosensitizing citrus essential oils.

Which essential oil to choose and where to buy it?

The nôtre well sûr! Apart from our obvious desire to make you cover Mira, we advise you above all to choose a quality and an ethic that suits you: always privilege traced products, with which the list of ingredients is easily accessible, and the commitments clear.

The basic rule is pretty simple: the more you know about the product, the better!

That's also why, if there's any info you're missing or a part you're not clear on, please don't hesitate to tell us :).

What is the INCI list for your lemon essential oil?

It is CITRUS LIMON PEEL OIL ... and that's it!

In fact, we weren't kidding when we told you that this is a pure essential oil: just that in the bottle, nothing more!

How to use lemon essential oil to lose weight

First of all, a small warning is necessary as there are many topics around the will to lose weight or lose weight. The essential oil of lemon has a good action of "fat burner" à like essential oils of orange or grapefruit. But the fact of slimming is linked to many things that should be looked at as a whole. We recommend it orally with great pleasure, but only a follow-up over several months, an adapted diet and regular physical activity will allow you to reach your goals. To use it for this purpose, take one or two drops on a sugar cube, or in a spoonful of olive oil. In fact, essential oils are very powerful compounds that should never be taken alone and with a spoonful of olive oil.


Où can you find our lemon essential oil? In which care products?


We offer it in our Skin City face oil, in our day care and in oursoftening hand oil, and in our anti-cellulite treatment.

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Question: Quelle différence avec une huile essentielle de citron ?
Mira, Modified on 06/01/2018

Bonjour, l'huile essentielle de citrons sauvages est plus forte et plus concentrée que celle issue des citrons usuels. L'odeur de l'huile essentielle de citrons sauvages est vraiment exceptionnelle.

Claudette, 17/09/2018
Question: Je peux l'utiliser pour produits ménagers ?
Mira, Modified on 17/09/2018

Oui tout à fait : pour la lessive, pour nettoyer votre maison, elle laissera une odeur sucrée et agréable

Feno, 22/05/2019
Question: Bonjour, Comment on utilise le citron sauvage pour les cheveux sec? est-ce que cela peut si c'est en dernier rinçage après le shampooing?Merci
Mira, Modified on 22/05/2019


Merci pour votre question,

Pour les cheveux nous vous conseillons de l'utiliser mélangée à une huile : pour les cheveux secs, pour un effet sur le long terme mélangeant-la avec une huile en masque capillaire. L'huile de moringa, l'huile de coco ou l'huile de ricin par exemple. Vous laissez reposer puis vous faites votre shampoing. C'est la meilleure utilisation à notre avis.

En soin après votre shampoing usuel vous pouvez également l'utiliser : mélangez-la à une huile sèche (nous vous conseillons l'huile de jojoba) et vous appliquez sur les longueurs et pointes.

Bonne journée à vous,


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