Pure Iary Essential Oil - 5mL

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Our Iary essential oil to relax and ease your breathing.
Iary essential oil has two distinct properties: it facilitates relaxation, relaxation, and strengthens your respiratory system if your respiratory system is clogged or more generally in trouble.

Note: essential oils are concentrated products, we have grouped the advice of use on these oils in a special page


5ml bottle

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Iary essential oil is mainly used in inhalation: a few drops directly on a handkerchief that you breathe in or a few drops in a large bowl of hot water, you breathe in the vapors.
It is also used in diffusion.
These two uses are indicated for the antiseptic properties.
For the relaxing properties, it is used mixed with a strong oil, which you then apply in massage.

It is for you if:
- You are looking for à you relax, you are only waiting for ça, then the essential oil of Iary is the
- Your respiratory system is in difficulty; and you want to help it, naturally

Suggestion n°1: In diffusion

To ease your respiratory system, leave a bottle of Iary essential oil in a room for diffusion, for example before going to bed, in order to benefit from the properties of Iary essential oil for breathing. For added effectiveness, blend Iary essential oil with Saro and Ravintsara.

Suggestion n°2: To dé yourself

- 5mL oil of kukui
- 5 drops of Iary essential oil
Apply the mixture in a massage, emphasizing on tense areas, your knotted muscles. The essential oil of Iary is gently relaxing, make yourself happy.

The Malagasy name for this essential oil is Dingadingana, it is an endemic plant of Madagascar. It is found only on the Great Island, just like the plants of Mandravasarotra (Saro) and Ravintsara with which it shares antiseptic properties very useful against colds or other infections.

le lieu.

The Malagasy Highlands provide us with excellent essential oils: a warm climate, without being too heavy, wide stretches of nature untouched by any chemical product; an ideal climate. It is around Antsirabe that these conditions are united: many of our best essential oils come from there.

(dans notre Miratelier)
the composition.
Composition de vos huiles MY Mira, mymira.fr

Iary of Madagascar.

Une bouffée d’air fraîche. Principalement utilisée pour les problèmes respiratoires, elle apaise et revitalise votre corps et vos voies respiratoires. Vous vous sentirez plus légers. 

Ses principaux actifs ? 


β-pinène : antiviral par excellence, il empêche le développement et la propagation d’un virus dans votre organisme. 

Limonène : apaise les sensations de chaleur et de rougeur. Idéal pour lutter contre les infections cutanées

α-pinène : anti-inflammatoire naturel, il libère les voies respiratoires, agit comme anti-anxiété et le tout aromatisé par une douce odeur de sapin.  

Sesquiterpènes : un puissant anti-inflammatoire et antiseptique, il est très bénéfique pour votre organisme.

Liste INCI


* compounds naturally present in essential oils, always perform a small allergy test in the crook of your elbow before using a cosmetic product.
Produits vegans, non testés sur les animaux, mymira, mymira.fr

Vegan products
and not tested on animals

Les produits mymira sont fabriqués en france, mymira.fr

Designed, produced, manufactured in France

Les produits mymira sont conditionnés avec des flacons en verre et en bambou, recyclables, mymira.fr

100% glass bottles
and made in Europe.

Les ingrédients sont sans traces phytosanitaires, mymira, mymira.fr

No chemicals.

Nos clients sont heureux chez mymira, mymira.fr

Happy customers.

Beautiful pipettes
(made of glass and bamboo)

We take care of everything!

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