Black pepper essential oil - Properties and use

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The essential oil of the great sportsmen par excellence (and others too, we reassure you!). It stimulates, tones your muscles and wakes them up when they are tired. Applied before the effort and in cold weather, it even has a warming action very pleasant.

The essential oil is a very good oil for the muscles.

Black pepper essential oil is also a good ally against pain due to rheumatism, against problems of heavy legs and relieves difficult digestion.

As a bonus, a muscular, spicy, strong smell like no other.

Ps: it is also revered for its aphrodisiac properties.

Note: essential oils are concentrated products, we have grouped the advice of use on these oils in a special page


5 ml - distilled; Madagascar and bottled in France, in our workshop.

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Informations soins du visage, huiles végétales et soins Informations soins du visage, huiles végétales et soins Informations soins du visage, huiles végétales et soins

Our black pepper essential oil can be used in two ways: both in diffusion to purify the whole of a room and prevent any cold, but also by skin, diluted or not in a vegetable oil. Décover in the tab "our recipes" our best recipes à réaliser with essential oil.


Cautions for use: we advise you to apply two drops of black pepper essential oil in the fold of the elbow 48 hours before the first use to prevent any allergic reaction. The essential oil of black pepper, like all essential oils, is strongly advised to pregnant and breastfeeding women, children under 3 years old as well as to people with asthma. Please keep the essential oil out of the reach of children.

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Black pepper essential oil is for you if:

- You have regular muscle tension or fatigue

- You are looking for a natural method to soothe your rheumatic pain and heavy leg problems


- You want to spice up your massage oils to give them some aphrodisiac spice

Suggestion n°1: care to warm up your muscles

Mix 3 drops of black pepper essential oil with a dab of virgin jojoba oil.

Massage the muscles à tone for a few minutes. Moment of relaxation guaranteed!

Suggestion n°2: diffusion against general fatigue

Mix in a diffuser:

- 1/4 black pepper essential oil

- 1/4 essential oil of lantana

- 1/2 of Ylang-Ylang

Let the blend diffuse.

Depending on your essential oil usage habits and your diffuser, dose the total amount of the diffusion preparation.

Suggestion n°3: aphrodisiac massage oil

Mix 5 drops of black pepper essential oil, 10 drops of Ylang-Ylang essential oil in 30 ml of hemp oil. All that's left is for you to take action.

If you're ready to use a massage oil straight away, "hemp oil" is the one for you. With the powerful scent of black pepper essential oil, Ylang-Ylang and hemp oil, it spices up your sensual moments.

Suggestion n°4: remedy for dental pain


To relieve toothache, mix 2 drops of black pepper essential oil with 5 ml of vegetable safflower oil or olive oil. Apply to affected area with a reusable cotton swab.


A little botany and history

Black pepper or Piper nigrum (Latin name) of the botanical family Pipéracées is a tropical plant found in countries such as India, Madagascar and in regions such as the Himalayas. A climbing tree that can be several meters tall, it is cultivated for its red and black berries with a pungent taste.

The plant is also known as the "blackberry".

Long considered a rare commodity, black pepper or "black gold" was a currency of exchange for many centuries. A person's wealth could, for example, be measured by the amount of pepper he or she possessed; hence expressions such as "expensive as pepper" or "bag of pepper".


The aphrodisiac properties of black pepper

Black pepper essential oil is an excellent natural aphrodisiac. Indeed, black pepper is rich in monoterpene, active compounds that stimulate the entire nervous system (by increasing the concentration of adrenaline) and therefore the muscles.



All our oils are équitable and responsible for both the environment and the people we work with. Store in a cool, dark place. Keeps for 6 months after opening the bottle.


le lieu.

the composition.
Utisation des huiles My Mira sur le corps



A powerful and spicy scent. A stimulating and aphrodisiac power. An unparalleled effectiveness and a cocktail of active ingredients:

The cocktail of active ingredients.


Natural anti-inflammatory, it frees the airways, acts as anti-anxiety and all flavored by a sweet smell of fir.


antiviral par excellence, it prevents the development and spread of a virus in your body.


cures feelings of heat and redness. Ideal for fighting skin infections



A natural substance that has analgesic and antibacterial actions

Liste INCI


* compounds naturally present in essential oils, always perform a small allergy test in the crook of your elbow before using a cosmetic product.

the team's word

Description du produit par notre équipe, au micro, on vous en parle

Le mot des fondateurs sur l'huile essentielle de poivre noir

Post collected on a cloudy morning, where the weather begins to fall.

Hello hello, you who are looking for an essential oil with a lot of character, with a strong, powerful smell, you have hit the right door! Let me tell you about this beautiful black pepper oil from Madagascar. If everyone knows pepper well, its essential oil is more powerful. In terms of smell, we find the same deep notes that make the identity of pepper, something quite pungent, lively, energizing. And at the same time it is not so aggressive as it is. Hence the idea to bring you this pure, to allow you to make your own swabs, or to use it in diffusion. It is a general stimulant, always good to have in your bathroom. On the more medical side, it is fluidifying, expectorant and anticatarrhal (ça it's a complicated word, but ça means that it prevents the flow of body fluids as during a cold for example).

It is for reasons that we use black pepper he against fatty coughs, sinusitis or laryngitis. It also has an analgesic and odontalgic capacity, ability to limit the formation of molecules responsible for the transmission of pain.

But now let's move on to

But now let's make room for a use that many of you are happy with: the warming and aphrodisiac use. Indeed, diluted in a vegetable oil, pepper oil will have a warming effect very useful for massages, and muscular massages or to relax the back. A few drops diluted in safflower oil and applied along the spine will, for example, be able to relax and relieve you in case of pain.

The oil will be used for a variety of purposes.


At Mira we are very proud of it, and so much that we have incorporated it in our hemp bed, a sexy massage oil. In short, you're bound to find your happiness having our Madagascar black pepper he, soon in your bathroom!

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Vegan products
and not tested on animals

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All your questions about our black pepper essential oil

What are the virtues and benefits of black pepper essential oil?

Black pepper essential oil has multiple facets.

It is first of all an oil that stimulates and reactivates the muscles, even the most tired. It also has tonic properties that make it particularly appreciated by athletes during their preparation for exercise. Applied before the effort or in cold weather, it even has a warming action very appreciable.

The essential oil is a very good choice for athletes.

Black pepper essential oil is also recommended in case of dental pain, heavy legs and relieves difficult digestions (it is a digestive tonic).

How to use black pepper essential oil

The essential oil of black pepper can be used in diffusion, in synergy with other essential oils (lantana, Ylang-Ylang or even gaulthérie) as proposed in the "our recipes" section.

It can also be used cutaneously, mixed with other essential or vegetable oils to treat specific problems.

To use black pepper essential oil orally, we recommend that you first speak with a health care professional.

Does black pepper essential oil raise blood pressure?

Black pepper contains piperine, the molecule that gives it its pronounced taste. According to some studies, it could increase blood pressure. However, these studies are limited and it has not been proven that black pepper essential oil increases blood pressure. In addition, we indicate uses in application on the skin and not in ingestion for this essential oil.


Are there any contraindications for pregnant and nursing women?

We strongly advise you to use essential oils like black pepper oil while pregnant and while breastfeeding. We also recommend its use to people with asthma, piles and children under 3 years old.

We strongly recommend that you use essential oils like black pepper during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

What essential oil for athletes?

Black pepper essential oil is a great choice! It has warming properties and allows the muscles to have a good préparation à the effort. In the essential oils that soothe the muscles, we can also advise you two little Malagasy wonders: katrafay, not very well known but very effective, and ravintsara essential oil, much more used. In all three cases, the idea is to apply the essential oils in a carrier oil such as calophylla oil, a very effective vehicle for essential oils to the bloodstream.

What is the action of black pepper he on the hair?

It is a stimulating action on the strength and growth of your hair. In addition, for example, to the mustard oil or castor oil, it is applied in dilution in a neutral oil (we recommend calophyllum for its ability to stimulate essential oils). Apply it directly to your scalp. Possible synergies are peppermint, lemon or ginger essential oils.


This dazzling cocktail notably helps to stimulate blood circulation at the level of the scalp and to stimulate strong regrowth of new, more nourished, more structured hair. Especially on curly or crepe hair, this essential oil will work small miracles!



How to make black pepper essential oil

To make it, we will distill the black pepper from Madagascar by entrainment à steam in a still (yes yes, like alcohol). The aromatic substances, those that carry the odors and organoleptic characteristics of pepper, will rise to the top of the still, then condense and descend along the distillation column. At the exit of the column, we collect the precious essential oil: it is ready!

So not to be confused with the cold press, which concerns the virgin oils.

Does it have any contraindications à its use?

As with other essential oils in aromatherapy, and specifically for black pepper oil, you are advised to use it purely on the skin or purely by ingestion. The idea for an application directly on the skin is to always dilute in a carrier oil at least 10% (that is to say 1 volume of black pepper oil for 9 volumes of neutral hv).


It is also recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and for children up to the age of 3.

In case of suspected allergy or special treatment, seek medical advice.

Why not other types of peppers?


There are indeed other types of peppers that we could offer you from Madagascar. Do not hesitate to let us know in our contact section if you are interested. Their effects are quite similar but the smell is different, the pink pepper is fresher, and the green pepper is stronger and more aggressive. For your information, the pink pepper is not actually from the pepper family, it is a false pepper plant like Sichuan or Guinness pepper.


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